The Versatile Blogger Award #2

Elsa from Oh The Pink Life nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award and certainly at the right time. So thank you so much Elsa, you are a savior! I was torn between books and my hectic routine and was desperate for a breather. I feel overwhelmed with the thought that there are actually people who genuinely understand the sentiments I try to share. Respected!

So, The Rules For The Versatile Blogger Award are:

  • Show the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 blogs.
  • Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know

Seven Stupid Facts:

  1. My family has a legacy of studying in boarding schools. I studied in boarding school and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


    Orchid International School, India. – My Boarding School. 

  2. I love Sketching and Doodling.

    One of my sketches. :)

    One of my sketches. 🙂

  3. One of the memories which I cherish forever and feel proud of is being a part of Indian Classical Dance Form – Bharatnatyam . Only the kids of 90’s know that back then, not smoking cigarettes but portraying elegance was called bold 🙂  

    The one in Orange.

    The one in Orange.

  4. I am obsessed with the word ‘Gay’. I don’t know why.

    They hate it so much. XD

    They hate it so much. XD

  5. Finding Nemo is my favoriteee animated filmm. (Sharkbait hu haha!) yolo-meme-nemo
  6. My very first pet was a Baby Turtle. I named her EMERALD  because she was green and beautiful. I miss her.                                                                              Turtle-36
  7. Sucker for Basketball! And a proud captain. .

    Girls can play too!!

    Girls can play too!!

So that’s THAT!

Nominees:  —

Madigurl’s Blog — Lifelover — Carefully Callie Flavored Lemons — The Emotionless Heart — Kanlaon

Adding more nominees to the list soon! Meanwhile, have fun!

– A


The Versatile Blogger Award.

This is so awesome!! I am currently high spiriting. I was nominated by Bittersweet Sensations for the Versatile Blogger Award. Her blog is really cool, plus I adore her personality and the way she writes is next level mature and apt. Thank you so much again! It only motivates me to move my lazy a*s to work and continue to do the thing which I love.

Moving forward with my excitement,


  • Show the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 blogs.
  • Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know.

7 Facts:

  • I love colorful pajamas.
  • Heard the song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars? I dance on that everyday in my shower. Its my current Bathroom Dance Song.
  • I love rollercoasterssss.
  • There was a time in high school when I used to eat 2-3 trays of ice cubes in one go.
  • I have a fair-skin, but I’ve always wanted and loved to have a dusky-skin. Like J-Lo.
  • I have a wardrobe full of cute dresses but I always end up wearing a tee and a pair of jeans/track pants. (Thats so tumblr! But its true :/)
  • Er… I love eating Lollipops. *runs away*


Cherita Story — Girl, Independent — Blu Chicken Ninja — Secret Parade — Behind The Eyes — Blue Car Painted Green — Fox and Tumbleweed — Cyrano’s Sister — Italian Hurricane — Iridescent Spirits

Have Fun Y’all !


Liebster Nominated- #2


I woke up to the sound of WordPress notifier on my phone today and the first thing I read was a comment by the wonderful Jen from Under Open Skies nominating me for Liebster Award. Seriously, what a great start to the day!

Why, thank you Jen. Her blog is the perfect combination of Literature and Sustainability. I have never seen a blog so good and true to nature. Its a must-visit.

So, lets do this!

The Liebster Award Rules:

  • Acknowledge and link back to the person who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
  • Share 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  • Give your nominees 11 questions to answer on their blog when they post about the Liebster Award.

Answers to Jens Questions:

What is the biggest personal change you have ever made?

Becoming less vulnerable and patient (I hate waiting). I wouldn’t say the biggest yet. Its getting better.

Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 29, and find line 4. What is the book and does it say?

It says, Nightwear- Nightwear, also called “sleepwear”, “sleeping suit”, “night clothes” or “night dress” . HAHAHAHA. Its funny in a weird way. The book is called “Fashion Merchandising”. I have exams in three days. LOL.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Helloooo New York! Because I’m a Carrie Bradshaw fan plus there’s a different kind of thrill there. And oh! One of the Fashion Capitals 😮

If you could change one thing about the world, what would you do?

Eradicate poverty. No one deserves such kind of social biasness.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Nice one. I would say half full. If I take this as a metaphor for life, yes its half full. Why look at the side which has nothing when you can still make the remaining one worth? (ugh, Did I get too mushy?)

When is the last time you ate a homegrown tomato?

Never 😦

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A Fashion Designer. Something which I am pursuing now. 🙂

What is your favorite time of the day?

At Dusk. I live by the sea and I love love love the shades of sunset.

What inspires you?

I really don’t know this (._. ). It would probably be the visions of how my life would be if I do achieve what I want.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Seeing my baby brothers birth and I was the first one to hold him :’) . I was in Grade 1 and I had a parents-teacher meeting that day. Baby brother is a lucky charmer. Ha!

What three things in nature do you find most beautiful?



The magic in the Wind.

11 Random Facts:

  1. The meaning of my name “Alekha” is something which cannot be described in words. Others choose Aliyah.
  2. I love french fries! If french fries was a person, I’d marry him.
  3. I own 52 diaries from which 34 are yet empty because I am afraid. They are too pretty and smell too good to be spoiled.
  4. A bowl of mushroom soup and Harry Potter series are my medicines whenever I’m sick.
  5. I choose Street shopping than being a brand freak. Forever 21 sucks. seriously.
  6. I love going for  long walks.
  7. I am obsessed with writing letters to anyone, any place. I could write a letter to you too. I would love too!
  8. Moodswings and I are Best Friends. :/
  9. I have a thing for female rappers. Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and you name it. They are the coolest.
  10. Once I saw the most hilarious dream of my life  (which I barely remember), I was laughing so hard that I woke up. No seriously ( ._.)
  11. I am lazy, too lazy to write the 11th one now.

My 11 Questions:

  • Who are you? The truly, I mean.
  • What way do you dress in? Is there a reason behind it?
  • Would you rather Dance in the Rain or Let the Storm pass?
  • How do you negate negativity from your life?
  • Whats the most embarrassing dare you’ve ever been given?
  • Which is your favorite animated movie?
  • Who would you dress up as for Halloween?
  • Name five things you are proud of doing.
  • How do you start conversation with strangers?
  • What is your favorite horror movie?
  • What is that one habit that has stayed with you all through your life till now?


The Emotionless Heart

Love. Laugh. Eat


Ps- I am running out of nominees currently, hence I am nominating these three super blogs.

Have fun.


Liebster Nominated!

The lovely KC from the eleventh letter nominated me for a Liebster Award ! Thankyou so much for the nomination, I am definitely honored that the writer of a blog that I read actually reads my blog too!

So what is Liebster Award all about?

Well, basically this award is given to up and coming bloggers and nominations are from the other bloggers! The word Liebster” means dearest in German. It’s a way for new bloggers to be discovered and recognized.


  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers, who have less than 200 followers and link them.
  • Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  • Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Here are my answers to KCs questions: 

What makes you happy? 

Family and writing! That is my happy.

What is your favorite quote?

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” – Anne Frank

Do you have a hero?

I honestly don’t believe in heroes/idols that much. I have too many expectations from myself meanwhile.

How did you figure out the name for your blog?

I relapsed into my high school days when my English teacher introduced a new word to the class, LexiconsI’m glued to that word ever since.

What blog post are you the most proud of?

So far I love my post on a Letter to My Future-self  because it reflects me and makes me believe in future, letting me know that the journey is worth it!

What is your definition of success?

“Work hard in silence, and let your success make the noise” – Because I don’t believe in show-offs and mediocrity.

What are three things you want in your lifetime?

1) Go to Tomorrowland (the day I go here, will be the day I’ve lived!)

2) Own a magazine company.

3) Earn my life! (there’s a difference between earning and simply living)

What decade are you most fascinated with?

The 40’s. Why? Because  a) The period of Second world war, hence Hitler! b) Anne Frank and her life through the second world war.

What new blog has grabbed your attention as of recently?

Currently obsessing over Truth and Cake because, I love the way she manages to write every deep sentiment in a reader-friendly way. It’s inspiring.

Name your three favorite albums.

“X” by Ed Sheeran. “1989” by Taylor Swift (don’t get mushy on me, that woman has talent) and the whole music of Bruno Mars (if I could only marry him)

How long have you been blogging?

Been blogging since December 2014 and bumping into so many amazing bloggers here!

My Questions:

  • Are you a morning person or a night Owl?
  • What is the one thing you are incredibly bad at?
  • What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
  • Describe yourself in three words.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how adventurous are you?
  • Where do you live? Do you like it?
  • What is a piece of advice you would give to your future self?
  • Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?
  • What is your guilty pleasure?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • Do you have any advice for me and/or other bloggers who are just starting?


Shower Thoughts — Galloping Free — Lightwalkers Blog — Extracts from a Personal Diary — Avaruussuo BennaKim — The Owl, The Fox & I — A Beautiful Disaster — Little Dreams — Don’t Get Wasted

Have fun!


The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award Nomination

Wait. WHATT?!!

I’ve been nominated for “The Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award”!! I was so happy that I was screaming inside(which is very weird and normal in my case). It’s like the more crazy I was feeling inside the proud and boastful I felt from the outside, I think its called happiness.

This is unexpected for I’ve been MIA since a week now because I’ve been travelling lately and I have a bag full of memories which I cannot wait to share. I want to begin by thanking all for their patience and sticking up to my blog. A massive thanks to Jestimous, who nominated me for this award. She’s married but as soon as I read about her I was knocked to six! She’s a netflix fan! She’s jovial and prudent and apt!

I’ve seen many bloggers participating and being nominated for various such awards with pride and now I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Since I am already late, I should begin…


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  2. Put the Award logo on your blog.
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Nominate seven blogs.

Number 1- Done and done!

Number 2- Scroll above to view the logo

Number 3,

 What inspires you to write? 

 I love this question because my blog revolves around it and hence it has been tagged as                        “Inspiration exists”  The fact that inspiration is immortal alone makes me want to explore more                and write more.

 If you could describe yourself with a song, which song would you choose? If you can’t               think of a song that describes you, pick one that moves your souls

“Dare you to move” by Switchfoot. This song gives me shivers and definitely moves my souls. There’s a beautiful bridge in this song  saying, “Maybe redemption has stories to tell, Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell”      Beautiful, isn’t it?

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

I love making “Pen friends”. So sometimes I hunt for random address and write a letter to that person. Its weird and creepy but it’s so pure and traditional.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I always knew about blogging but never thought that it would be such a huge platform and so much more. The more I write, the better I understand my state of being.

Who is your favorite fictional character?

SHERLOCK HOLMES <3. Sherlock Holmes is a deductive genius, using his analytic mind for the good. His druggie life is both gloriously detached and also more deeply engaged with the crime-ridden, class-divided, evil world of late-Victorian London

Who is the biggest inspiration in your life, or who inspires you the most?

I find inspiration in the everyday.  I am fascinated by relationships of all types–happy ones, complicated ones, unusual ones.  Through writing, I often attempt to dissect the meaning behind something that has happened or to describe a particular feeling or emotion.

I enjoy the challenge of communicating what we each experience in our everyday lives, bringing those unique moments to life through words and sentences.And what is really wonderful about writing is that I can pass on that inspiration; if I can clearly communicate some aspect of life, if I can inform or entertain the people who read my writing, I may also have the opportunity to inspire them as well.

What are your aspirations for the next 5 years of your life?

I aspire to become an editor of a high-end fashion  magazine or maybe publish my own magazine and to buy lots of clothes and droll over them.

What advice would you give to other writers, or others interested in starting a blog?

The saying “Practice makes a man perfect” is legit and apt. I would just ask all of the bloggers to see what you believe and write and write and write.

What is the most meaningful gift you’ve ever received?

I just turned 20 and my parents gave me and necklace made of real moonstones and its beautiful to no end! Moonstone opens the mind to hoping and wishing, inspiration and impulse, serendipity and synchronicity.

What is something that is guaranteed to make you laugh?

Musical Farts.


  1.  What made you start your own blog?
  2. What is the most favorite thing about your blog?
  3. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
  4. If you are given a choice to pick any job in the world, what would it be?
  5. Which is that one book which you would want to re-write or write?
  6. What is your favorite Movie quote?
  7. Who is your shrink and why?
  8. So any secret talent?
  9. What is the cleverest word you know?
  10. What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?


Shower Thoughts — A Beautiful Disaster — Science, Books And Silly Things The Darkest Raven — Written in Rubies — Oh The Pink Life — Galloping Free

Great going y’all !