Valentine Plans – Style Diary!

Its the Valentines week!

Honestly the word “Love” and everything around and beyond it, is the biggest cliche in life. But I tend to enjoy the little things, (which just includes a gory stare and a deep *sigh* from my side)- I like the pretty little lightnings hung around the trees and the passage of the romantic dinner venues; and the fresh flowers on the early afternoons dinning table. And basically I admire all these universal things which reminds me of the universal ‘feelings’. It’s a day where every girl tries to look her best beautiful and the boys try to make their loved one realize the worth of her love. Their love.

Hence, I have created 4 different exciting looks for The Valentines Day for all you beautiful ladies because life is too short to wear boring clothes.

  • The Casual 
  • The Rationale
  • The Classic
  • The Usual

The Casual.


The casual look is basically for the brunch/lunch dates. A little bit of sunshine, the soft morning breeze and an attire stitched with comfort. Isn’t it a perfect way to start a day? Here I chose a simple cotton slip-on dress and teamed up with contrasting accessories and footwear and couple of chunky bangles, easy blow-dried hair and I’m good to go. 

The Rationale


If you are planning to hit the clubs with crazy music, great booze and scrumptious food, here’s an edgy look with a leather corset  for an outstanding evening combined with a statement shoulder accessory, a neat hair-do in contrast with heavy make-up. Let your eyes do the talking!

The Classic.


A glass of wine, a roof-top dinner, and some jazz. Is that in your planner? Rock the night with an elegant gown with sexy cuts in chiffon. If the neck is too busy or ends too high, pair it up with your best statement earrings and cuff. Complete the look with a side bun with smokey eyes and red or nude lipstick if you are not a lipstick fan like me. 

The Usual,

Made with Square InstaPic (

Do I even need to talk about this? Go cray-cray with your girlfriends! Come up the a theme or nothing at all. Wear your dads t-shirt and your favorite pajamas like a stud and roam around the streets like retards. Eating pizzas with swag because we own you nothing.



Hands down, I’m going for the last option. What about you?

Please do share your Valentine plans, if nothing, then join the club!

Hope you liked the post. I was very skeptical about it because I was a little nervous. But it became better anyway 🙂


5 thoughts on “Valentine Plans – Style Diary!

  1. So you have great looks lol its funny ever now and again I forget what women do to have you notice them even if its the casual, rational or classic. I think I enjoy the casual the most any who sometimes its good to just be free and treat yourself without treating your self if you get what im saying. Great post enjoyed the read.

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