Melange Of Musings- Upgraded and Rendered

Been a while, eh? My exams are going great so far and hence I decided to treat myself by giving a new face and direction to my blog. I have done few minor/major changes including the title of my blog, the theme, adding a new page on ‘Fashion’ (which will be up in couple of hours), re-arranging my widgets and still fixing!

Now, Why did I do this?

I did it because I had penned down few ideas on how to expand and improvise the nature of my blog since a year; and now that I am often found blogging, I don’t want to miss this chance of experimenting and clearing my own thoughts which would help me think rationally.

What do I mean by expanding and improvising the blog?

I generally write about philosophical way of life or things based on reality. Since I am pursuing in the field of Fashion, I want to learn and explore more about my field and be able to write on it with confidence. Therefore, it is not only improvising the blog, it is actually improvising myself each time I make an attempt. Of-course, I know my field but I want to enhance my knowledge in fashion journalism, choose that path 🙂

Why did I renamed as “Melange of Musings” ? What does it mean? 

Well, this name was suggested to me by my friend and I loved it instantly. My Lost Lexicon was a great name but the general non-blogger readers use to fail to understand/ interpret the content of the blog in the first attempt. It was debatable but since I wanted to shift the focus of my blog and make it look rationale between Life and Fashion related post , I thought a change would be okay.

Melange of Musings: “Melange” means mixture and “Musings” is well known as thinking, pondering or brooding.  Clubbed together as, A mixture of thoughts.  I think it is legit and in someway I feel it reflects me as I think a lot and speak too less. Equivalently, this blog renders mixtures of thoughts, emotions and good will.

About the tag-line. 

All about Good times, Great books and Peerless fashion.

It is simple. It is effective and It is quintessential.

That’s all I’ve been up to since last two days and I think I love the way it looks! Do have a look and let me know if you have any suggestions.

I feel so glad.



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