Fashion Fables- A new page.

Fashion has become a large part of identity making in the post-human world in which people play dress-up with their clothing. Fashionable clothes reinvent people as sexual, desirable and enigmatic. We care about what we wear a great deal because our culture emphasizes an outward appearance.

Fashion changes every season, squeezing our wallets. Being a fashion graduating student, I would say it is not about what to wear. It is about how you wear the attire, reflecting back to yourself. Fashion is persistent. This page is all about  couture things,road-side pleasures and impromptu detailing existing currently in the Fashion market.

Fashion Fables features  latest trends, fashion reviews, cover stories, accessories, color stories, fashion blogs, road-side shopping list and a  peek into my own personal style diary and many exciting stuff!

Stay tuned.



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