A Quick Post.

Hey there neighbors.

So I have penned down the Blogging 101 assignments which I have missed or have failed to render the drafts, and I have decided to club the assignments all together and experiment something new to the blog. I don’t know if that would count but I am super excited and it is a risk I’m willing to take. It would be fixed and up soon, since I have an important semester exams in three days it would be a onerous task for me to balance both books and blog. Yeah, I’m a mess like that.

I was thinking to add a page on Fashion and Fashion Reviews, as I hope and wish to work for a Fashion Magazine,obviously this is a great platform for me to practice and get better. So if you have any suggestions or ideas for me, they are welcomed. Your comments and reviews really help me to do my best and earn the job, otherwise I honestly never complete the things which I really want too. It is something which I’m really trying to work on.

Writing helps. Sharing motivates. And studying definitely makes me wanna sleep. But you gotta do what you gotta do like my best friend says.

I have to run to my study before I’m caught and my WiFi is confiscated.

Thanks again.



6 thoughts on “A Quick Post.

  1. It’s good you’re still committed to the blogging – it’s time-consuming, certainly, but as you say, it’ll help a lot when you get round to doing your fashion pages. But don’t forget to study in the meantime 🙂

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