Young Shields.

Come and take a look behind the curtain..

Peer under the surface to see things that are dark for certain

Beneath the coat of smiles and jokes

Is a dark abyss with the humanity being choked

Yes you tend to do things sometimes that seem like you are not correct in the mind.

It’s because you are so lost and confused, sanity is so hard to find

You really think at times that you are going crazy

And that you are losing your conscience, when tear jerker stories don’t even phase you

It’s crazy that at times you make yourself cry

Just so no one can see how numb you are inside

Everyone seems to have an answer to your problems

Like they’re some psychiatrist. But no one cares about them

Nobody knows the visions you’ve seen

The horrible terrible things that even you’ve dreamed

but you don’t say this to get pity or sympathy or a sadistic cool

just want them to know, you need somebody to see the true you

To see your struggle to keep this world upright

To see your constant battle against your demons at night

To witness the crushing agony of defeat

When theres no harmony and everything is offbeat

To realize that at times you cling to the best things in life

With a death-grip you fight for the things that make you smile

Anything…just to numb the pain for awhile be free from this lifestyle

Anything…to be nothing but versatile

and you just know you’re an addict, there’s no room for denial

That it wouldn’t be a part of it, if there were no trial

Things seem better as you get higher and higher

Sometimes the world seems so much farther beneath you

That it doesn’t look right it seems like a monotonous hue
& you are just there…

You do what you can, but can’t fight who you are.

You mess up your plans and fold your own hands

Somewhere there hoping them to understand.

You can hear yourself screaming internally

And think “why am I filled with such uncertainty?”

You still go on, though they think you’re wrong.

Their denial is just an understatement, you start to grow strong.

You learn to treat yourself right, even when you’re mistreated.

And you don’t let anyone bruise your self-esteem, even if under-estimated.

You manage to take control and don’t lend your emotions

You deal with your own obsession,

Drink, laugh, and move on- same old fashion.

You only make them see what you choose to show

Its not like you want them to come to you, you just lie low.

Among all the odds I’d like you to know…

Keeping your emotions there inside, all concealed

There’ll be that special one to whom you can reveal

And amaze them by showing how quickly you heal

Those moments will make you realize just how simply happy you feel,

You are not ordinary,

You sacrificed and fought in that cold-blooded battlefield

You are one of us.



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