“I cannot even begin to write about the rush in my head and the happiness in my heart at this very moment. I am just happy. Exultant. Why? Because I finally got my head together and started my own freaking blog!! It is named as “MY LOST LEXICON” and I am just like this huge bag of contentment and optimism today. This month has embarked with so much positivity in me and I am longing to stay the same for the next 30 days and end this chapter with no qualms but only faith.”

This was written on 1st December 2014. It is a page from my lopsided diary.

I was being my usual indecisive when I finally decided to title my blog with this name because the word “LEXICON” itself is a word comprising of many other words. In simple words, it means your own dictionary. And that’s my way of saying that every little thing about you, is what makes you, you! You have your own lexicon, the way you talk, the way you cry or the way you even eat! It defines you and you are known by the same. The best part about lexicons is that they are unfathomable and immortal. And hence I came up with a tag-line and kept it simple saying “Inspiration exists”, because discovering has no end and we all are here for the same.

Too read more about My Lost Lexicon:


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