Story of An Insomniac.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.”

One threaded in moss dreams
Dangling from a teardrop
Let the words drip like dew
Healing and soothing the cracks
Within my stone heart

The tales told from the soul
Tilts on the eyelash
A blink away
Those tales fall inside the iris galaxy
Where sleep becomes a lullaby

For the restless.

English v/s englsh – How Chat-Speak is ruining the art of conversation.

“Ur rite! They prolly dont no!” LOL, u have no idea what im sayn, do u?

Those sentences are in chat-speak, a language used by text-savvy people across the country. Although this may be difficult to read at first, the idea that this is ruining the English language maybe goes a bit too far. Throughout its history, the English language has constantly evolved. Today, many of us find reading works written hundreds of years ago, such as those of William Shakespeare, to be a daunting task. However, chat-speak takes the concept of simplifying the English language too far, manipulating it into something unreadable and counterproductive.

I understand the basic concept behind Internet lingo: Shortening words saves time when typing or texting. However, people often take this to extremes, resulting in wasted time as the reader spends twice as long attempting to decipher the message, let alone replying to it.

However, others argue that Internet lingo is easier than actually typing out a coherent sentence. To me, condensing every word to a mere three letters while capitalizing every other letter seems difficult, let alone exhausting.

One form of chat-speak that is gaining popularity is adding on extra letters to words. Nnot onlyyy iis thiss unnecessary, but itt refleccts pooorly uponnn theee peoplllee ooff ourrr ccounntryy  andd theiir abillity to speell properlyy.

While chat-speak may save time, are those three seconds really worth projecting a not-so-professional image? Chat-speak may be what all the cool kids are doing these days, but that doesn’t mean that employers or colleges are looking for people who can have entire conversations in abbreviations.

Once such example is “K,” originally meaning “Okay/ok”.  It can now be tagged onto the end of just about any expression, no matter how humorous, stripping it of its meaning entirely.

Chat-speak may indeed allow us to communicate faster, but it’s at the expense of proper English, which can only be summed up with an OMG.

If the English language is a computer, chat-speak is the virus and it’s spreading quickly. In order to uphold the foundation of English as a language, it’s simply a matter of the youth choosing what is grammatically correct over what is easy.

The Art of Chaos.

Everyone will tell you that time marches on, but no one will tell you why. Well, after taking this month-long vacation from the blog-nation I have collected few rough ideas and have my own opinions on the same. The thing is the deepest-of-deep answers to the timeless question of time lie hidden in plain sight. It’s right there.

But here’s a hard truth, a truth revealed by physics: The universe, the cosmos, you see- loves chaos. This is how it gives meaning to time. We all are doomed and our fates have been set.

About 400 years ago Isaac Newton figured out the basic laws prevailing matter and motion. Using these laws he could predict everything from the motion of planets to the exact path of a bank shot in a game of pool.

There was one flaw: Newton’s law can’t tell time.

To be precise, they can’t tell the direction of time. Make a movie of two billiard balls smacking into each other and Newton’s law can’t tell you which direction the movie should run. There’s just no difference between past and future in Newton’s basic description of physics.

Similarly in life, we have no problem telling the past from the future /present. We scramble eggs into omletes but can never unscramble them into eggs. We say something cruel to a loved one and can never unsay it. There’s only one simple hack to this- Let Go.

Let go of the control and allow yourself to be swept away by the existing currents of life. Let go of productivity and be open to opportunities and creativity.

How Chaos Works.

Consider what we’re doing when we plan our day, our week, our year: we try to wield control over life.

We are saying: this is what I’m going to do today. This is how things will go. If I get these  things done, life will be good. This is my idea of what this day will hold.

Now consider: we absolutely have no idea if any of this is true. We cannot predict the future with any kind of certainty, and the idea that we can plan based on  these predictions is a nice fiction. But a fiction nonetheless. We do not know what will happen today, the rest of the week or month. Knowing what will happen this year? What an idiot.

And consider: what if we could know? What if we could predict every single day and plan each day exactly? Would this be perfect? I think that it would suck infinitely more than not knowing. Foreknowledge of future means we know what will happen each day and that is being stuck on one unshakeable path. Foreknowledge means extreme lack of freedom.

What can we do instead of predicting and planning our daily chores? Learn to embrace uncertainty. Let unpredictability rule, let randomness be the force of our life, let spontaneity be the rule.

Embracing chaos with good.

Some random thoughts based on my experiments:

Chaos is creativity, and creativity is chaos. They are the same thing. Creative work doesn’t happen by plan and control. Sure, some of the world creative genius were detail freaks, but they didn’t make a plan to come up with a creative genius idea – it came to them because they were open to random thoughts, explored thoughts no one else had thought to look down, took an idea they saw from someone else and twisted it in a new way. Creativity comes from the place of chaos, and its only when you open yourself to this lack of control that you can come up with your best creativity.

Some things to read. One of the best books I’ve read recently is The Humans of NewYork by Brandon Staton. It embraces the idea of uncertainty and originality. Sure the pictures and the story they reflect is phenomenal but it’s the story of Brandon, his vision and his simple and true love for photography inspires me more than anything.

If you don’t expect things to go as planned, you are open to the unplanned. Something might arise that is unexpected, and if you go with it, you’ll have to let go of your previous plans. This can be a wonderful thing. Many people (including me sometimes) get frustrated when new things come up that were unplanned, when plans go awry, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating. Just expect plans to change, or don’t really plan at all. Expect unplanned things to happen and, when they do, smile.

Embrace not knowing what will happen. This is the ultimate freedom. You don’t know what you’re going to do today, nor what will come up. You are locked into nothing. You are completely free to do anything, to pursue any creative pursuit, to try new things as they come up, to be open to meeting new people. It can be scary at first, but if you smile when you think of not knowing, you’ll soon realize it’s a joyous thing.

When you’re not focused on one outcome, you open the possibility for many outcomes. Most people are focused on specific goals (outcomes), and relentlessly pursue that outcome. They then dismiss other possibilities as distractions. But what if you have no predetermined outcome? What if you say that anywhere you end up could be good? You now open an infinite amount of possibilities, and you’re much more likely to learn something than if you only try to do the things and learn the things that support your predetermined outcome.

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star”


To be and to be creative are synonymous. It is impossible to be and not to be creative. But that impossible thing has happened, that ugly phenomenon has happened, because all your creative sources have been plugged, blocked, destroyed, and your whole energy has been forced into some activity that the society thinks is going to pay.
Just be and the world will adjust.

Have a great week ahead.
A x

Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort’15 – The Highlights.

A platform where more than 80 top designers unveil their collection, each giving a new face to the trend and season; with diversified and avant-garde silhouettes and highlighting details, we bring LAKME FASHION WEEK SUMMER/RESORT 2015.

However, LFW’15 was all about energetic tones, buoyant impressions of art and heavy luxury all together giving birth to new fashion statements yet again. The week has ended, but these remarkable collections have made their mark right from the fashion extremists on the front row to the fashion followers sitting before their gadgets swooned by the runway.

Here are my favorite jaw-dropping collections from LFW’15.


LFW 154

Manish Malhotra, a respected asset to the fashion and Bollywood industry commences the season with a grand opening, celebrating 25 years of success and glory on the dais.

The Blue Runway by Manish featured flourishing threadwork and parsi-gara embroidery. The soft and flowy fabrics were rendered in the hues of blue with bold motifs of GOLD. Whereas, the mens’ collection showcased affluent and contented attire ruling the runway with self-embroidered jackets and long shirts.


The high-end designer set apart his collection by welcoming a new dimension to it with a social media message of gender equality. Always doing the right thing Manish!


 LFW 15

Shubhika’s collection for Papa Don’t Preach was titled as Twitterpated, inspired by the idea of love with romantic pop of pastels stitched with lively embellished heart motifs. The collection redefined sexy and chic showcasing straightforward silhouettes with rich crepe, silk tissue, mesh and satin. Am I the only one going cray-cray over those quirky props and accessories? I guess not. That frolic umbrella and those pom-pom earrings ruled the ramp.


LFW 151

Fashion designer Dhruv successfully blurs the gender lines with modified formals, eccentric designs and with hot little off-the-shoulder number on LFW ramp. Though Androgyny is one of the running trends this year, DRVV debuts the trend on Indian Platform successfully with his edgy monochrome creation.


LFW 152

Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia are turning everyones quirk on; cajoling the crowd with their signature sparkling prints to go wanderlust this summer. The collection dominates this season with airplane printed on the jacket, domes from Moscow on the back and postcards on pants completing the look with travel friendly accessories. This summer, quirk away.


LFW 153

Anamika Khanna, who rules the Indian couture world closed the Lakme Fashion Week 2015 with beyond-graceful silhouettes portraying a mélange of designs with richly embroidered capes, soft sultry fabrics and gorgeous headgears, which redefines a modern bride.


Lakme ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan masterfully rendered in Anamika Khanna couture closes the season with a majestic bang!

Well, these are my favorites from the LFW’15. But there’s more! These designers may have imprinted us with their lush and gorgeous apparel but there were designers who took the historic way and made us all re-live the art of the different eras. Stay tuned. x

Blogger Note- Hi all. I’m sorry for disappearing from this sphere, but I’m actually not sorry?! I’ve been facing a writers-block lately because I’m working on my CV, as summer is here and I am looking for a job. Priority shifts you see.  I seriously don’t want to lose focus on both- here and in my life. Sometimes it gets really hard, but I’m sure it’ll be okay in the end.

Hope you have a great day.


10 Misconceptions about Introverts You Need to Clarify.

Introvert: A person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around people.

Today I’m going to talk about a kind of population where I belong along with many others out there. Introverts. Contrary to what people think, an introvert is a person who is shy. Shyness has an element of  apprehension, nervousness and anxiety, and while an introvert may also be shy, introversion itself is not shyness!! Introverts are concerned with the inner world of the mind. We enjoy thinking and exploring our own feelings and thoughts. However, if you want to understand us, then try to know the real us. It is important to an introvert.

Having said that, here are 10 misconceptions we need to clear up right now. We are not who you think you are. We’re even better.

We  don’t hate people- We really like people, seriously, especially those who have well stuffed refrigerator or a cable connection. People exhaust us, we just get away from them to ‘recharge’ ourselves, it’s nothing personal.

We like going to parties- We really do. We just prefer it with the people we know or are comfortable with it. All that random social interaction might  end up making us look weird and weirder. If we are interested in you, you’ll know. So chill.

Not all introverts are quiet- Well, okay we tend to be quiet and subdued, that is when we are around people. Why should we talk when we have nothing meaningful to say in response to their feckless talks? We want to feel that we can trust you, and that the words we share with you aren’t wasted. We are known for keeping our word with whoever we build a relationship with. We need to know that it is secured.

Introverts need you to listen too- We are pegged as a type of people you can really open up to and share your deepest secrets- because we are good listeners and observers (we own too much me-time remember?) However, we crave for the same in return- the same amount of space to open up, trust me you’ll be surprised. It might be hard for us but that doesn’t me that we don’t want it. We need a little help in that.

Introverts aren’t BORING!- We are put under the category of people who hit their beds at 9:00 pm and spend Friday nights cuddled up in our room. Okay, so that’s true sometimes. We love our indoors, there’s food and a bed. But all that get-away time gives us a mischievous and adventurous streak, a wild side others might not see it right away.

If we don’t text you back right away, we don’t hate you- All of that reflecting and thinking takes time, and constantly being on the phone might wear us out. We just might shutdown our phones and not come back until we finish what we were doing or have regained our energy. Our system just works that way.

We need space- Not just from people but because it is important- We need spaces around us to be clean, organised and less chaotic with which we are comfortable.

We don’t like to be underestimated- No one does. But just because something isn’t easy for us, doesn’t mean we won’t do it. A great number of list gives me anxiety – from thinking about future, to meeting new people and God forbid , public speaking! But introverts can be pragmatic, if you only did things we like, we might not do much. Just be there to support us when we step out of our comfort-zone, we’ll be fine.

Books are our friends too- We recognize that people are as important as our intellectual pursuits, but that doesn’t mean that you mock us for staying at home on a Friday night to read. Books are our friends too, we just want all our friends to get along with each other.  

Introvert isn’t a dirty word- When I was first tagged as an introvert, I was flabbergasted- because it wasn’t how I saw myself. I’m so friendly and sympathetic . I used to think introverts are people who are almost invisible to the society, the not-so-cool types. But introverts are just varied and intricate as their extrovert counterparts, and even harder to pin down. We don’t make sense to other people and sometimes we don’t make sense to ourselves. We might not even recognize these facts about ourselves but there’s nothing dirty about it. It’s just who we are finicky, a little elusive and we love it.

We can be difficult I know, my friends are doing a fine job in handling my mood-swings and my over-bearing mysterious nature. I’m just lucky. There’s still a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about what we are really like- and I know that this post won’t do all introverts justice. We don’t believe in explaining ourselves to the kind who can’t handle detailed lifestyle. We are infinite.

A Freedom Struggle

Spoken like a man, this friend.


A grave mishap shadows this country contrary to the dilemmas of perfection. The disease infested from an inborn instinct to demean the grace of woman, can graduate to further flourish in the underworlds of terrorism. I stand in no post to address this section of the mass for I am a man- the enemy of your pride. But I stand with chastity and I mean every word off my tongue. It is true that the barbaric men choose, with their prejudice to woe your physical vulnerability.

In this land where rage is depicted through ignoble deeds, generosity is the most feeble attribute. On an encounter, would you succumb to a resourceful man? I hope not, and you dare not. I can not provide a strategy as fate runs the lives today.Justice is only a word, and the Constitution is provides a thousand interpretations that can even prove a terrorist innocent, but…

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Plead the Fifth

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”

“What are your plans ahead?” – People.

“I plead the fifth” Me. *While I’m killing the person 127578th time in my head*

“It’s really tough to survive out there, people will try to run you over”People.

*sits down next to them and sympathetically looks into their eyes* I don’t care.Me.

All through life most people cannot wait for a chance to step into the real world- Anticipating the chance to have more fun and more opportunities to do things that were always looked upon as being mature and cool. I’ve incessantly appreciated the idea of not being what people expect me to be. Sometimes I fail to believe so. I can surely blame myself but that’s not it. There’s more. There will always be more. Because people. Well hello? I’m under no obligation to make sense to anyone.

I honestly have no clue about my plans ahead!  I’m a pessimist, yes, but that doesn’t make me want to think my life in black and gray. I have painted a picture in my mind which has money, lessons, memories and lots of nutella jars. I don’t know the “how” and “when” but I do know the “why”. Because I know how much I’m asking for. There is a fine line between being concerned and being a pop-up nag.

Pop-up Nags – (n.) People who constantly pop-up in your life with feckless and cyclical questions who generally mistake their imagination with their memory.

Well, I don’t remember how I came up with this word but its close enough. The principle is quite familiar to the word “pop-up ad”. The similarity between “pop-up ads” and “pop-up nags” is that they both are a form of advertisements. Some are advertisements for a good cause but fails to differ (meaning some people who ask just for the sake of asking) while the others are existing just to annoy the human race. What better way to get a person to a specific level than to put advertisement right in their face whether they want it or not? That’s what I think when they ask me about my plans ahead. I’m twenty and there’s just so much to think. How can I manage to encapsulate all my thoughts and queries about my future in few sentences? I have so much to learn yet and I cannot wait to face my challenges and fail in some, because that is my contemporary plan and I’m sticking to it.

So that’s THAT!

Is that too much for pleading the fifth?

Maybe. Maybe not.


P.S – This question really vexes me. So much so that I nearly began to rant about the society, about which I love to criticize. If only I could say “asdfghjkl” in real life.